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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. Profile avatar must be all-age content.

Introduction to this site

This website is a node of Mastodon's social platform. The main communication content is gay bears, furry, etc. Only allow browsing from 18+ years old. Mastodon is a free software and a cool decentralized social networking service. You can follow and browse each other at different Mastodon sites.
Other recommended Mastodon sites:
https://pawoo.net(Mastodon's site for pixiv)
https://mastodon.social(Most users site)
https://qaf.men(Gay Porn)

Content rules

Although this node is originally an R18 website, Mastodon allows interconnection with other websites. Other Mastodon nodes are not all R18, so you need to follow some general rules of Mastodon. There are also some restrictions of this site.
  • Profile avatar and nickname must be all-age content.
  • Important: Mark sensitive media content as sensitive, including unexposed sexually suggestive content. You can enable [Always mark media as sensitive] in [Settings-Preferences-Other] to default your published content with make sensitive.
  • Turn on sensitive text content to turn on content warning, there is a CW button at below the text box , just open it. The title of CW can only be a hint content. It is invalid to place links and tags in the title.
  • A maximum of 4 images is allowed per post. The picture has a fixed display ratio in the Mastodon timeline, and will be cropped. You can set the main content of the picture like Twitter. Basically, the limitation of this picture is to learn Twitter.
  • Only 1 video per post is allowed. The maximum video is 40M, the format is mp4, webm.
  • Restrictions on this node: All persons who register, browse, and publish content must be 18 years of age or older
  • Limitations on this node: Do not publish or reprint heterosexual content publicly. Considering that the site is targeted at users, such content will cause trouble for many people. Do not post such content or make posts visible Set to private. If you want to communicate this kind of content, there are many heterosexual Mastodon nodes for you to search and choose.

Using tips

  • First time settings: After registration, you can turn on [Always show media marked as sensitive] and [Always expand toots marked with content warnings] in the settings. After setting, sensitive content will be displayed directly.
  • Make good use of tags: Mastodon doesn't allow searching for the content text in all posts, so you can only search for content indirectly by Tags. It is recommended that everyone ’s posts also be tagged with #tags for easy searching.
  • Follow Mastodon users on external sites: Mastodon has many nodes. You can copy user links of other nodes and search on this site to follow users.
  • Reprinted Mastodon content: Mastodon's content allows cross-site reprinting. You can copy links from external sites, search on this site, and then reprint to this site.
  • Install as App: Mobile users will prompt [Install as App] when they open this site in a supported browser. After installation, they will have a better experience. Desktop users can also install as apps using the Chrome browser.


本網站是Mastodon社交平台的一個節點,主要交流內容為男同志 熊、獸人等。僅允許18歲以上瀏覽。 Mastodon是一個自由軟體,是很酷的去中心化社交平台,在不同的Mastodon站點可以互相關注和瀏覽。
https://pawoo.net (pixiv的Mastodon站點)
https://mastodon.social (人數最多的Mastodon站點)
https://sinblr.com (各種Porn)
https://qaf.men (Gay Porn)


  • 資料頭像和暱稱必須為全年齡內容。
  • 重要:將敏感的媒體內容標記為敏感,包括沒有暴露的性行為暗示內容,可以在[設定-偏好設定-Other]打開[總是將媒體標記為敏感內容]來將自己發表的內容默認設為敏感。
  • 將敏感的文字內容打開CW內容警告,文本框下方有個CW按鈕,打開了就行。 CW的標題只能是一個提示內容,在標題放置鏈接、標籤是無效的。
  • 每條帖子最多僅允許4張圖片。圖片在Mastodon時間線有固定的顯示比例,會裁剪部分內容,可以像Twitter一樣對圖片的主要部位內容進行設定,基本上這個圖片的限制就是學Twitter的。
  • 每條帖子僅允許1支視頻。視頻最大40M,格式mp4、webm。
  • 本節點限制:註冊、瀏覽、發表內容者都必須為18歲以上
  • 本節點限制:不要公開發表、轉載異性色情​​​​內容,考慮到本站針對用戶是Gay,此類內容會給很多人帶來困擾,不發表此類內容或者將帖子可見性設定為私人。如果想要交流此類內容還有很多的異性Mastodon節點可供君搜索選擇。


  • 初次設定:註冊後可在設定裡打開[總是顯示標為敏感的​​​​媒體]和[永遠展開標有內容警告的嘟文]。設定以後敏感內容都會直接顯示。
  • 善用標籤:Mastodon不允許搜索帖子的內容,所以只能通過搜索標籤來間接搜索內容。推薦大家的發的內容也帶上#標籤方便進行搜索。
  • 關注外站Mastodon用戶:Mastodon有眾多的節點,可複制其它節點的用戶鏈接,在本站進行搜索來關注用戶。
  • 轉載外站Mastodon內容:Mastodon的內容允許跨站轉載,可以復制外站帖子鏈接,在本站進行搜索,然後可以轉載到本站。
  • 安裝為App:移動用戶在支持的瀏覽器打開本站會提示[是否安裝為App],安裝後會有更好的使用體驗。桌面用戶使用Chrome瀏覽器也可以安裝為App。